Walnut Station:dispenser

Walnuts are not only delicious treat, but also healthy food. Walnut has always been one of the most useful foods. In ancient Babylon walnuts were forbidden to commoners, as the priests were sure that the commoners would become smarter than their rulers and priests.

Here are some consequences of the daily eating of walnuts:

• Memory improvement

• Strengthening of the heart muscle

• Getting rid of overwork

• Lowering of blood cholesterol level

• Prevention of age-related vision problems

• Maintenance of the nervous system in tone

• Improvement of brain work

• Lowering of blood pressure

• Improvement of men’s sexual function

• Low risk of atherosclerosis developing

• Regulation of acidity of gastric juice

• Relieves of insomnia

Dispenser and two kilograms of walnuts for only 300 UAH

You pay only for one kilogram of walnut, a dispenser and one more kilogram of walnuts you get for free!

The next kilogram of selected walnuts for the dispenser is 300UAH per kilogram.

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